Autism Awareness Free Printable Planner Stickers

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Looking at some of our stickers?  Wondering if you should order some, but not quite sure?  Try us out with these FREE printable planner stickers!  These stickers are great for any type of planners!  This special sticker set was a special request from an amazing crafter and mom at KKHandmade. She sent out a special request looking for Autism Awareness planner stickers in a group we are in together.   As someone that has supported my shop, and is a wonderful person who I call my friend, I decided to surprise her.  So in her name, I offer all of you a special set of planner stickers for free!  Thank KKHandmade for such a treat.  We are all individuals, we all have things we are amazing at, and things we need to work on. This is life. Always remember to show love and understanding to everyone you meet because you never know what they are going through.  The only request I have is that if you download these stickers, please take the time to brighten someone's day! 

This planner sticker set includes two pages as a digital download! We hope you love them!